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Current Account

  • MPower Biz Account
  • MPower Salary Account
  • Gender Empowerment

MPower Biz

This is a current account specially designed for business oriented people and small & medium size owners. This account provides and arms them with all the necessaries to succeed and grow in today’s business environment.


  • Free debit card.
  • Free initial cheque book (50 leaves).
  • The customer earns income on account balances.
  • Account is online real-time.
  • Availability of overdraft facility for qualified customers.
  • Free entry and exit. Non discriminatory.
  • Zero COT.

Mpower Salary Account

This product is a salary account designed to benefit companies and their employees through an automated payment system to reduce the administrative work associated with payroll disbursement.


  • Access to personal loans.
  • Convenience of monthly cash withdrawals through ATM. 

Gender Empowerment (GEM)

GEM is a program aimed at supporting women and aspiring female entrepreneurs. Under this program, Access Bank will provide women with resources they need to grow their business. It encompasses Finance, Capacity building, Networking, Advisory services and Market collaborations.

  • Enhance female interest and promote gender equality in business undertakings.
  • Provision of training programs that educate, showcase and support entrepreneurs as they seek capital and grow their companies.
  • Consultants are contacted to work one on one with our GEM members providing professional advice in the areas of management, marketing, Human Resources, Procurement etc.
  • Provision to access the finance needed to meet business obligations.