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The Customers’ Ombudsman of Access Bank mediates fair settlement between the bank and its customers for complaints that have remained unresolved for 90 days and above. The Ombuds’ Process is an Alternate Dispute Resolution yet informal medium wherein an aggrieved customer of the bank may lodge complaints/grievances over the telephone, email, letters, physical visit to the Ombuds’ Office and within the shortest time possible, the Customers Ombudsman will collate data/information from both parties and informally engage parties towards an amicable resolution of the complaint.

The Ombuds process strives for a win: win resolution to ensure that the smooth customer/banker relationship is not disrupted by any complaint. This is an innovative Access Bank Plc complaint resolution process, the first of its kind by any Nigerian Bank further assuring our customers that we care and any complaints they may have regarding our financial services will be amicably resolved to the satisfaction of our customers.

Head Office

30 Siaka Stevens Street,
Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Tel: +232 22 229772, 220087
Fax: + 232 22 220119
Email Address: info@accessbanksierraleone.com


144 Wilkinson Road,
Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Tel: 232 22 238816, 238836
Fax: +232 22 238848.

1 Ross Road,
Cline Town,
Tel: +232 25 200957.

65 Teko Road,
Tel: +232 136184.

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