Mortgage Loans - Frequently Asked Questions

Loan for outright purchase of property, loan against existing property of applicant, loan for Home renovation/refurbishment, Loan for property under construction.
LTV stands for loan to value and the ratio is the amount of the mortgage expressed as a percentage of the property's value. The lower the LTV, the greater the equity in the property. Our maximum LTV is 70%. 
Commitment and Management fees are paid one-off upfront while Advisory fee is paid on outstanding principal at every anniversary of the loan.
Our interest rate is floating and subject to review from time to time in line with the prevailing money market condition.
Credit life insurance to cover against the risk of death, job loss and permanent disability. Asset Protection insurance to protect against destruction of the property.
The monthly mortgage payment mainly pays off principal and interest. 
Mortgage payments are based on the loan amount, the loan interest rate, tenor of the loan, age of borrower.
Maximum of N200million and a minimum of N10million.
Salaried employees, Self Employed individuals, Business Owners, Affluent Professionals, High Networth Individuals etc
The interest is tied to MPR on a risk based pricing ranging between 18 and 23% p.a
The Bank will only finance properties/buildings apart from land.
Negative credit check, encumbered property, bad search report, High DSR.
Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.
Call Access Bank contact centre or contact the Mortgage Product Manager.